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The project "A Strengthened Network and an Integration Map for Refugees" (I’MAPPY) is an ERASMUS + KA2 project funded by Turkish National Agency. It aims to enhance the active citizenship and empowerment of the young refugees, support the development of competences of NGOs working with young refugees, and strengthen the organisational capacity and overall professionalization of the structures through enhancing the coordination and unity of the NGOs dealing with refugees.

The main idea of the project is to develop an application called I’MAPPY where this application will be an integration map especially for young refugees who do not have access to social and basic information about the asylum country or has no parents or families. Promoting empowerment, open to cross-sectorial cooperation, and active citizenship of young people are some of the essential goals of the project.

In scope of the project, project website, application of  I’MAPPY, user guide for NGOs, Survival Kit and a final report will be produced.




                                                          The project is being implemented with the financial support of European Commission, Erasmus+ programme.

Project partners
Project website 

Terra Ankara (Turkey)

Global Citizens' Acedemy (Lithuania)

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